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  • Project highlighted!
    In the Green Heart of The Netherlands, Zoeterwoude, is the Roman Catholic Parish Church located. Swinging through the meadows along the water you come to the church where there is still a renovation going on at the back. The colors of the church windows, the interior in combination with the wall, it looks amazing!
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  • What happened in Gothenburg...
    Stays in Gothenburg! But we do want to give you a quick view of the latest Espero + Skyfold event at the Gothia Towers, September 21st. Read the full story at www.skyfoldbyespero.com or watch the aftermovie here!
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    Visit the new VETRO website
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  • VETRO: Meet the Designer
    What was the challenge for designing VETRO? Why is Matthijs so passionate about this project? Which technical solutions are included for getting maximum results? Meet the designer, Matthijs Blom.
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  • Theatre De Kampanje - Den Helder (NL)
    Theatre ‘The Kampanje’ is the new cultural centre and playhouse of Den Helder, located in the city’s old naval yard ‘Willemsoord’. With this new building there are some new public functions such as a concert hall, flexible performance spaces, an art centre, offices and a restaurant.The wooden movable panel walls of Espero are installed in the glass theatre hall of ...
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  • Grieghallen - Bergen (NO)
    Grieghallen, a prestigious concert hall in the Norwegian city of Bergen, is named after composer Edvard Grieg. The Eurovision Song Contest was held in this hall in 1986. Grieghallen is the home base of the Bergen Filharmoniske Orkest, the oldest symphonic orchestra in Norway. It hosts a large number of the performances during the annual cultural Bergen Internation...
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  • Brede School Houthaven - Amsterdam (NL)
    Brede School Houthaven is a carbon-neutral multifunctional facility that accommodates, among other things, two primary schools, a day-care centre, an out-of-school care centre and playgroups. Because most of the interior (designed by Marlies Rohmer) can be flexibly partitioned, the building can be optimally utilised and various activities can be interconnected...
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Unlimited flexibility: Espero -the architect's choice

It is the architect's job to be creative and it is Espero's task to respond to the architect's creativity in a flexible and yet practical manner. In a word, Espero responds with a positive attitude to the unlimited imagination of the architect. Espero is a dynamic company which is continually re-evaluating existing products and developing new products. Espero’s expertise is beyond dispute

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