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Cradle to Cradle

Remaking the way we make things

Cradle to Cradle®, an innovative concept applied to production processes to ensure they are balanced as well as possible with nature’s master plan. Products are awarded this certification if they meet five criteria:

Cradle to Cradle Material Health    Cradle to Cradle Material Reutilization   Cradle to Cradle Social Fairness   Cradle to Cradle Renewable Energy   Cradle to Cradle Water Stewardship

As a consequence, Cradle to Cradle product certification is both exhaustive and strict. The concept means taking a new look at sustainable designs, the use of materials and how those materials are re-used when the product reaches the end of its practical life.

Every type of wall manufactured by Espero consists of a varied range of materials, which forced us to work closely with a relatively large number of suppliers to achieve this result. But we did it!

What Cradle to Cradle means for you:

The Cradle to Cradle programme was set up to meet the growing demand for sustainable products. C2C certification is required for more and more building projects in America and Europe.

This certification:

  • guides architects and clients through the labyrinth of environmental claims and makes it possible to build sustainably by selecting products with an unambiguous environmental performance
  • ensures sustainability in the long term: meeting tomorrow’s standards today
  • contributes to an understanding of materials that are safe and healthy to use, for society and the environment
  • provides a safe living and working environment
  • adds value to projects and encourages full re-use of materials (up-cycling)
  • helps protect our natural world and keeps it safe for future generations.

What Cradle to Cradle means for Espero:

Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) involves an elementary re-assessment and re-creation of Espero’s products and processes so that we can achieve the performance levels we laid down in advance for each of the five criteria. The C2C programme affects every part of our company, from stock management to product design and from manufacture to technical support and sales. Espero constantly focuses on fully integrating C2C into our company. Our targets are transparent and measurable. With a C2C road map, we can demonstrate our "Path to Platinum”: 


C2C is the most relevant product certification in a whole range of sustainability assessments for the building industry. The certification process examines the entire chain minutely, confirming that the Cradle to Cradle concept is much more stringent than the usual standards for sustainability. And Espero is fully committed to going that one extra mile.

If you would like to know more about C2C, watch the video or visit: