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Espero and the new NATO headquarters

Espero and the new NATO headquarters

“Construction of the huge new headquarters for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - NATO – in Brussels should be finished in 2015.”

The decision to build new headquarters in Brussels was made at the NATO Summit in Washington in 1999. The design that is currently being built is an adaptation of the original, prize-winning design by Michel Mossessian and partners for SOM + Asser. The project started in 2005, but the actual construction for the project began as late as October 2010. The work is being carried out by a consortium, BAM Alliance, in which all sorts of building companies are taking part. The project is expected to be finished by August 2015, the delivery date for the building according to the contract. 

This should give you an idea of the scale of the project: the new building has a surface area of 226,283 m² above ground level, on top of a 28,454 m² underground surface area, making it nearly five times larger than Antwerp’s Wijnegem Shopping Centrum that comprises 57,000 m² of store area, not including the parking facilities. This project is one of the largest Belgian building projects in recent decades.
The building is to be multifunctional and the different spaces have a modular design. The offices and meeting rooms can be adjusted as required for optimal use. But office space will not be the only feature: the headquarters will seem like a small village.
“The 4.500 NATO employees will be able to use a conference centre with modern meeting rooms, media and restaurant facilities, a bank, amenities for exercise and leisure, a personnel centre, a mechanical building for the energy facilities, warehouses and workshops in addition to 120,000 m² of office space.” (interbuild.be)
Espero B.V. is very proud to announce that, as an exclusive supplier, we are to provide the mobile wall partitions for this prestigious building project!


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