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Espero is proud to present: the new glass wall: Visio 100

Visio 100 Geluidsisolerende Glaswand | ESPERO | Van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk

It’s almost impossible to picture a modern school building, culture house or multifunctional centre without a mobile wall these days. Versatile, divisible rooms add value to the available surface area, creating spaces that can be adapted to suit the needs of the moment. 

Espero has set a new standard with the introduction of the Visio 100 and the Visio 100 Elite: never before has there been a wall system of such elegant design with such prominent presence. The Visio 100 model was based on a minimalist style and to achieve this cutting-edge design, new techniques were developed. Just like the Sonico models, the Visio 100 is composed of mobile panels suspended on, and transported along, a ceiling track. The panels consist of a self-supporting aluminium frame, reinforced with steel, to which the toughened glass finishing is applied on both sides. The acoustic insulation is guaranteed by the lockable seals and acoustic rubber profiles. With the aid of the patented Quick mechanism or semi-automatic system, you can manoeuvre the wall effortlessly into position in a few short minutes, leaving you with more time for more important matters. The Visio 100 turns every room into incredibly aesthetic, airy and transparent space.
Countless possibilities
The Visio 100 is available in several versions; the glass can be fitted with a lacquered frame on all sides, according to your preferences (Elite model). Available finishes for the glass include: laminate, etched, lacquered, covered with a print or foil or sandblasted. In fact, the options include fitting them with horizontal blinds. Every detail adds to the unbelievably modern design.

Visio 100 Technical Specifications:

  • Slim-line applications with average soundproofing insulation values, suitable for all situations requiring transparency. Acoustic insulation values are available to 44 dB inclusive.
  • The (standard) aluminium borders can be coated in any RAL colour you like.
  • Optional: panels can be operated semi-automatically.

For more information about the Visio 100, Visio 100 Elite or our other multifunctional walls, our contract documents service and a presentation of our projects, please visit our website www.espero.nl

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