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SKYFOLD Project of the month July



Late in 2014, River Street Architecture began working on a project for TravelCenters of America – their TA Petro Stopping Center travel center brand would add a location in Columbia, SC. The goal of the project was to provide a travel center that would have a positive impact on the city and its economic development as well as provide professional truck drivers and local customers the best in travel center amenities and entertainment.

River Street’s Chris Humkey contacted Skyfold to learn about the products and how they might serve his needs at the bowling alley. The design included 3 walls, 44’ x 10’, that would separate the connected social areas with no requirement for acoustic separation other than being a barrier to sound. The walls stop at the end of the ball retrieval areas. Skyfold Zenith 48 was the perfect solution as there was no floor space needed and they would be durable in an area used by both the travelling public and local customers.

The upscale full-service travel center in Columbia, SC opened March 1, 2017 and has been a resounding success. TravelCenters reached their commitment to professional drivers and the motoring community by providing a one stop facility that meets all drivers needs and delivered unparalleled amenities such as The Beltline Lanes along with a Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant, a Starbucks and a Minit Mart Foods.

PROJECT: TA Petro Shopping Center (Bowling Alley)

SCOPE: 3 Zenith 48 Walls

ARCHITECT: River Street Architecture Chattanooga, TN, USA




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