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Verticaal Wandsysteem Skyfold | AWM Artikel Espero

The vertical wall systems fold fully and automatically by means of key control, operated silently and powered by electricity. The wall is folded away into the ceiling, leaving the floor clear so that the space can be used to its full extent and without any obstacles on the floor. Spaces can be divided up or joined within the space of minutes using the vertical wall systems.  Weighing 34 kg/m2 (depending on the selected finish), Skyfold provides a light-weight system. The various systems can be executed in considerable heights - up to about eleven metres – and various lengths.

AWM Artikel Espero 2

The Skyfold catalogue contains five wall systems with good acoustic properties. The Classic series includes three systems with soundproofing values measuring 51, 54 and 56 dB Rw. The Classic NR combines an acoustic insulation value of 49 dB Rw with an NRC value of up to 0.65 for sound absorption. As an additional advantage, the soundproofed Skyfold Eclipse can be adjusted to the specifications of a project. In fact, the Eclipse is up to 50% lighter than comparable systems, making it extremely suitable for gyms and sports halls.

If a space needs to retain its influence of light and transparency after it has been divided by a wall, Skyfold can supply transparent wall systems. Office floors, convention halls, theatres, sports halls – an automatic system is useful wherever large spaces need to be divided up quickly. The Skyfold wall systems fold away into the ceiling with a mere press of a button. The Skyfold Mirage is a modular system consisting of a rectangular frame that can be fitted with glass or plastic. The options include bullet-resistant glass, etched glass, plexiglass or a plastic panel with a honeycomb structure. For outdoor use, such as the dividers between a restaurant or cafe’s interior and its terrace, Skyfold can offer the Mirage XT with automatic locks. This system can be fitted with heat and acoustic insulation in addition to other materials. Skyfold is a dedicated member of the US Green Building Council and the company endeavours to use as much recycled material as possible. Skyfold’s electric vertical wall systems are only available from Espero.

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