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Quality policy

As a producer and supplier of mobile wall systems, Espero strives to offer the best possible solutions for the construction industry worldwide in terms of space classification. In doing so, Espero aims to take maximum account of the increasing scarcity of materials, fossil energy and clean water, so that our planet remains viable for future generations.

From this mission, Espero has the following vision:

  • Espero wants to distinguish itself with its products by offering the best possible solution to market demand (function, price, quality).
  • Espero wants to offer its customers the best possible service in flexibility in product variants, decors, delivery options and adaptation to customer requirements.
  • Espero strives for completely clear information to its customers, so that expectations are also realized.
  • With regard to sustainability, Espero wants its products measurably to meet high demands for responsible use of materials, energy and clean water, C2C certification. In addition, Espero wants to continuously make its processes more sustainable in terms of materials and energy consumption.
  • Espero wants to develop more and more into a professional organization, in order to keep a grip on quality in full breadth in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

In order to get and keep quality under control, all processes and work instructions are described (Espero Quality Manual) and are periodically tested and assessed for improvement. It also measures whether processes and working methods lead to the intended result, such as customer satisfaction, reducing complaints, achieving objectives.