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Brede School Houthaven - Amsterdam (NL)

Brede School Houthaven is a carbon-neutral multifunctional facility that accommodates, among other things, two primary schools, a day-care centre, an out-of-school care centre and playgroups. Because most of the interior (designed by Marlies Rohmer) can be flexibly partitioned, the building can be optimally utilised and various activities can be interconnected whilst retaining their own functionality. In this way, the two primary schools decided to place their assembly halls next to each other separated by an Espero Visio 100 Elite mobile glass panel wall, which allows a one large open space to be created for special activities.

The halls in the Brede School Houthaven in Amsterdam can be partitioned in various ways by using mobile walls. The school’s architecture enables various activities to take place before, during and after the official lessons, and is also intended to facilitate cooperation between different groups of users. For the mobile walls in the corridors, Visio 100 Elite glass walls were deliberately chosen in order to provide sufficient daylight. The classrooms
are separated by Espero Sonico 110 walls

Type of wall:
Mobile wall Sonico 110
Sound insulating glass wall Visio 100 Elite

Acoustic insulation value:
Sonico 110 Rw = 50 dB
Visio 100 Rw = 42 dB

Sonico 110 Hardplastic Getalit

Fotographs by Hans Morren

Applied products: