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Salon Saint Germani - Diksmuide (BE)

Every aspect of Salon Saint Germani illustrates the renowned Belgian flair for good and sophisticated living. The Salon offers fine dining in elegant surroundings and boasts beautiful ballrooms ideal for romantic dances and exuberant parties. Through a Belgian agent in Drongen, FDS Mobiele Wanden, Espero supplied the soundproof glass wall Visio 100, so that, depending on the number of guests, one of the large rooms can be divided up. Once the sliding wall had been assembled, a digital print on foil was applied to the glass. The image, an ambient woods scene, is entirely in-keeping with the Salon’s interior design.

Type of wall:
Visio 100 glass wall

Acoustic insulation value:
Rw = 42dB

Foil with digital print

Photographs by Hans Morren

Applied products: