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Stramien Architects - Antwerpen (BE)

Stramien is a multidisciplinary design agency, active in the fields of architecture, urban design, spatial planning and design of public space. At the beginning of 2017, the office moved to the WATT tower, on the Mechelsesteenweg in Antwerp. The new building had to reinforce the idea that living, relaxing and working are excellent, by offering solutions for critical spatial problems. This vision is not only implemented in the urban aspect; the interior of the WATT tower also takes into account spatial solutions that increase user comfort and efficiency, but in a stylish way. The open office space stimulates both individual work and working in flexible project groups. Transparency is reinforced by a lot of glass, which allows a lot of daylight, and a warm design with many plants also benefits the work climate. The  concrete structure makes it completely stylish. The mobile wall of Vetro stands out.

The Vetro is a completely glass flat folding wall consisting of separate panels that are connected with hinges. In closed position these panels look like a completely flat wall. The panels run over a floor rail system with an ultra-flat profile, where they are guided by a rail attached to the ceiling. The weight is fully supported by the floor rail and no load-bearing superstructure is required. Vetro can be adjusted to your wishes. The color palette is at least as extensive as the applicability.

Thanks to the hinged construction, the first panel is easy to design as a door. By realizing the wall in two wings, the door can also be selected at a different location in the wall. The door function can also be omitted for an ultra-thin appearance. With the patented locking mechanism, the wall locks itself while you set up the wall, so there are no locking points in the visible plane of the wall. With a sound insulation value of Rw = 40 dB, this glass flat folding wall is not only beautiful, but also very functional.

Type of wall: 
Flatfolding wall Flexio

Sound insulation value: 
Rw = 40dB

Photograpy: Hans Morren

Applied products: