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Thor Heyerdahl College - Larvik (NO)

Thor Heyerdahl College, named after the renowned Norwegian anthropologist, is a modern and innovative educational institute. Its 27,000 m2 floor space makes it the largest college building in Norway. The college’s education is valued as it innovatively stimulates the integration of various disciplines and social classes, improving social equality. This is also enhanced by the modern architecture, characterised by transparency and multi-functionality. Both these aspects are emphasized by the application of the Visio safety glass walls in front of the large space of the central square. With their smooth finish and soundproofing qualities, the Espero Sonico 110 mobile walls proved ideal for the class rooms.

Type of wall:
Sonico 110 panel wall 

Acoustic insulation value: 
Rw = 37 en 50dB

HPL Abet laminati 427 porpora
Ready-to-paint foil in RAL 9011
HPL Formica F2962 clementine

Type of wall:
Visio glass wall

Toughened glass

Lacquered in RAL 9010

Photographs by Hans Morren



Applied products: