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Westergasfabriek - Amsterdam (NL)

This historical building, built in 1883, is a former coal gasification plant called the Westergasfabriek. It was given a new lease of cultural life in the nineties, and with a recent renovation, it is now a lively theatre complex with lobby spaces, studios, restaurants, and bars. Where once gas was blown through large heated boilers, we now find the MC Theatre which was built in the Zuiveringshal Oost, on the grounds of the Westergasfabriek . It is a prime example of the brilliant fusion between a historical industrial building and striking modern architecture. The architecture behind this transformation was carried out by Koldeweij Architecten from Amsterdam.

Type of wall:
Sonico 100 wall

Acoustic insulation value:
Rw = 50dB

Getalan melamine A2 and A14

Photographs by Hans Morren

Applied products: