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Electric vertical wall system Skyfold

The acoustic solution for interior space division. Select the appropriate Skyfold Classic wall most suitable for your requirements for sound absorption or sound reduction. We can solve any acoustic problem with our range of first-class systems.

Sound insulating wall systems
Skyfold Classis 51, Rw = 51dB
Skyfold Classis 55, Rw = 54dB
Skyfold Classic 60, Rw = 59dB
Skyfold Classic NR, Rw = 49dB and NRC value up to 0.65
Skyfold Zenith 48, Rw = 47dB
Skyfold Zenith 55, Rw = 54dB
Skyfold Zenith 60, Rw = 59dB

Glass wall systems
Skyfold Mirage (indoor-indoor use)

Standard functions

• vertical folding-wall system
• parking above the ceiling, allowing valuable floor space to be used
 quiet and fully electric operation
• divides spaces within a few minutes
• flat, stable and durable
 lightweight, from 34 kg/m² (depending on the chosen finish)
• custom-made