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Folding wall Uno/Duplo

Design & Operation
Espero Uno and Duplo folding walls are wood-based concertina walls. Consisting of panels of particle board joined by continuous PVC strip hinges, the partitions are top-hung in an aluminium track. The Uno is a single-skinned partition, while the Duplo is double-walled for better soundproofing and greater stability.

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The Uno is a visual separation, but can also be supplied in the 'A' version that includes a draft-resistant PVC seal drag. The Duplo is internally reinforced with steel hinges and acoustic insulation materials are sandwiched between each facing board. The standard Duplo has an Rw value of 41dB (estimated laboratory value) but can be produced in the 'S' version, which increases the Rw value to 43dB (est. Lab value). 

The hinge system allows quick and easy, one-step operation for both types. The panels are always folded back to the axis of the main track. The wall can be opened and closed one side, in the middle or at both sides. In addition, several walls can be connected to each other.

Appearance and finishes
The Uno and Duplo can be manufactured in a wide range of finishes to meet individual requirements. Virtually all finishes used in interior design can be applied, offering total creative freedom. Examples include high-quality melamine, hard plastic laminate, vinyl, paint and veneers which are stitched, glued and lacquered at Espero's own factory.

Key Features and benefits

  • simple and fast operation 
  • suitable for intensively used spaces such as classrooms 
  • wide choice of surface finishes 
  • low maintenance 
  • easy installation 
  • one of the most cost-effective movable wall system available 

Special uprights for connecting systems, curved ceiling tracks and special stacking in niche pockets.