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Mobile glass wall Visio

Design and operation
Visio is one Espero's mobile glass wall system which consists of a series of individual toughened glass panels with top and bottom clamping profiles which are suspended from, and slide along, an aluminium ceiling track. The panels can be pushed together and interlock to form a wall. Each panel is individually locked into place, guaranteeing a high level of security. The Visio is available with standard panels and single or double door panels. Once unlocked, the panels can be moved effortlessly and quietly along the specially designed aluminium overhead track system. The flexible track and carrier system is easy to operate and allows walls to be positioned or parked into countless configurations.

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Appearance and finishes
All glass finishes used in interior design can be applied and the aluminium profiles can be coloured to match, offering total creative freedom. Options such as laminated, etched, coloured, printed and sandblasted glass finishes are all possible.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • optimised space utilisation and visibility 
  • panels can be locked independently for maximum security 
  • flexibility due to a choice of door and panel options 
  • Espero Visio mobile walls can be positioned and parked away easily, quickly and silently 
  • configuration of the walls is limitless: straight, curved, positioned around corners, etc. 
  • track can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of ceiling 

It is possible to have sweep seals on the top and bottom of the panels and to have the edges of the glass panels delivered with a profile.