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The elegant Visio is ideal for all environments in which transparency and flexibility are required. The panels only have horizontal profiles with the suspension and locks built in, leaving the largest possible area for the glass surface, providing optimal transparency.

Panel sizes



45 mm



450 - 1240 mm



max. 3500 mm, other sizes on request

Frame construction
The panels are built from two heavy-duty aluminium profiles (natural anodised aluminium) with internal reinforcements into which the glass is fitted. The horizontal profiles grip into each other, locking the panels in place and preventing damage to the glass. The profiles are provided with a draught seal at the top and bottom.

Panel appearance
Visible horizontal aluminium profiles. The standard model features natural anodised aluminium. Options include lacquered finishes in any desired RAL Colour.

10 - 12 mm toughened glass in accordance with Norm EN. 12150 with a tolerance in accordance with EN. 572-2. The glass can be treated in all the usual ways.

35 kg/m2

The panels are operated by a floor lock built into the floor profile.

Track and trolley wheels
The combination of an aluminium track and trolley wheels with plastic treads guarantees long-lasting smooth and silent operation of the panels. The track is standardly equipped with connection profiles to connect suspending ceiling plates seamlessly to the mounted track. These profiles also prevent damage to the ceiling when the panels are moved.

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