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Sonico 110

The Sonico 110 is ideal for applications needing to be aesthetically-pleasing with average-to-high soundproofing qualities; the profiling is invisible, giving it a luxurious look. The wall is particularly suitable for use in elegant and stylish environments.

Frame construction
The panels are composed of a self-supporting aluminium frame, made from heavy duty aluminium profiles (the surface is natural anodised aluminium) with internal steel reinforcements. The soundproofing boards are located inside the aluminium frame, creating a light but sturdy construction, suitable for tough conditions.

Panel appearance
Concealed (invisible) edge profiles. The surface of the standard version is technical natural anodized, heavy-duty aluminium but options include finishes in any RAL colour.

Standard panel sizes



117 mm



450 - 1293 mm



Max. 7000 mm, other sizes on request




The construction of the Sonico 110 means that the panels can be coated with any finish common in interior design and consequently, the wall will fit seamlessly into any interior.

Sound insulation, Rw value (Laboratory value)
38 dB, 40 dB, 42 dB, 44 dB, 47 dB, 50 dB, 52 dB, 54 dB, 56 dB

30 kg/m2, 31 kg/m2, 32 kg/m2, 33 kg/m2, 40 kg/m2, 46 kg/m2, 47 kg/m2, 54 kg/m2, 56 kg/m2

Operating Mechanism
The panels are operated with the very user-friendly Quick System (quarter turn) and by the telescopic panel (= end-/closing panel), a patented sequence control guaranteeing quick and effortless assemblage or dismantlement of the wall. The spring-loaded mechanism guarantees the correct pressure for each individual panel when locked and consequently allows for the acoustic insulation.

Track and trolley wheels
The combination of an aluminium track and trolley wheels with plastic treads guarantees long-lasting smooth and silent operation of the panels. The track is standardly equipped with connection profiles to connect suspending ceiling plates seamlessly to the mounted track. These profiles also prevent damage to the ceiling when the panels are moved.

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