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Why the SA is not Cradle to Cradle certified

The Espero semi-automatic option is not available with a C2C certificate. We made the decision not to certify a wall with a motor inside when our standard Espero manual Quick mechanism is just as efficient as any semi-automatic system.  This is not only because all semi-automatic systems require electricity to work but also because of the materials used and production process of a motor unit. In our opinion this is a very logical decision based not only on the C2C principles but all ecological common sense. 

Sonico SA

Operating mechanism
The panels, with wheels, are suspended from a ceiling track along which the panels can be moved. When fixed in the wall position, the ceiling and floor seals are extended to completely seal off the wall. The seals are extended and retracted automatically by pressing a push button.

The operation seals are automatically retracted and extended by an actuator. Spring pressure is used to ensure that the correct pressure is applied to the floor and the ceiling. The spring pressure is 1200 N per panel.

Power supply
The panels are supplied with electricity (24V DC) via a switched-mode power supply that can be connected directly to a wall socket (230V AC).

Power consumption: approx. 75 W in operation, only 1 W when not in operation but with power supply switched on.

Fuse: the power supply output is fused to protect against short circuits.

There must be a wall socket within 1.5 m of the basic wall jamb. Ensure this is available before installation. The power supply can be placed in the wall jamb itself or away from the wall jamb, e.g. above a false ceiling.

User convenience
For the operation of the seals with high spring pressure; all that is needed is the press of a foil switch. LED indication shows whether the seals have arrived at their final position. The power supply can be turned off by a key switch to prevent unauthorized use.

Emergency power supply: A self-charging battery power supply can be provided in addition to the standard power supply to allow the wall to be operated in the event of a power failure.

Parking lock: Achieved by placing a contact point under the track at the edge of the location where the panels are parked if the wall is not exposed. This will lock the final panel, preventing unauthorised movement of the panels.

The other details are identical to Espero Sonico; please see the Espero Sonico brochure.

Voor het geselecteerde product zijn geen cad-bestanden aanwezig.