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Sound insulating glass wall Visio 100

Design and operation
The Visio 100 consists of a number of individual sandwich panels that are suspended from, and slide along, an overhead track. The panels are held in a self-supporting aluminium frame reinforced with steel and toughened glass on both sides.

Acoustic integrity is achieved by the use of extendable pressure seals running along the top and bottom of the panels and acoustic rubber seals running along the vertical sides. A telescopic wall jamb or communication panel enables the wall to be locked vertically into position, completing the acoustic seal. The Visio 100 is available from Rw = 42dB till Rw = 50 dB.

The patented Espero Quick system ensures that the pressure seals are extended and retracted by a single 180°-turn of a removable operating handle. Once retracted, the panels can be moved effortlessly and quietly along the specially designed aluminium overhead track system. The flexible track-and-carrier system is easy to operate and allows walls to be positioned or parked in countless configurations.

Appearance and finishes
The Visio 100 is finished on both sides with a 6mm toughened glass sheet. Each panel has a screen-printed 9cm border around all sides of the panel, which is available in every RAL colour. This is also possible for the aluminium wall profiles. The glass inside the border is completely clear for ultimate transparency. It is, of course, possible to individualise the glass, as all glass finishes used in interior design can be applied. It is also possible to place blinds in between the glass panels.

Key Features and benefits

  • optimal transparency
  • individual movable panels with countless stabling and parking options 
  • sound rating of Rw = 42dB untill Rw = 50dB 
  • no maximum width restrictions 
  • choice of magnetic profiles for ultimate ease of panel location 
  • track can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of ceiling 

Watch our video and see what our glass walls are able to accomplisch with your space!